Electronic/Synthwave and Rock from JACK MANIAK (Full Album)

Dec. 6, 2017

Fans of Perturbator, check out one man band by Jack Maniak (member of Idensity and Omrade).The debut album Code 403 released on 20th November 2017 via Jet Set Trash Records.  It is described as a mix of electronic/synthwave "stuff" and hard rock and has been recommended for fans of Carpenter Brut.

"Jack Maniak is a new one-man project created in 2016 by French musician Jean-Philippe. Living in Paris and also playing in a number of bands, Jean-Philippe felt the need to delve deeper in the Electronic music sounds. Born in the 70’s and having experienced the 80’s as a teenager his love of that era didn’t take long to manifest in his music giving birth to his Synthwave alter ego, Jack Maniak.

For a melodist, exploring this genre is a great opportunity and for Jean-Philippe the idea of writing music inspired by the 80’s but with a modern approach and twist soon turned out to be irresistible. Combining melodic synth leads, hard-rock/heavy rhythm guitars, guitar solos (when needed), big distorted basslines and groovy drum/bass patterns Jack Maniak debuts on JST with “Code 403”.

Filled with hidden references to the decade Jack Maniak grew up into (“Stripe Is Back” - Gremlins, “No Fate” - Terminator 2 and so on) Code 403 is the story of a human teenager with special abilities who is called to face an alien invasion. Will he emerge victorious?"