Doom Blues from NIGHT GOAT (Full Stream)

Nov. 28, 2017

Wollongong, NSW band Night Goat release two EPs simultaneously in 2017; Chicken EP and Egg EP. While it is up to you to decide which one came first, both EPs (which contain 3 tracks, and both clock in at approximately 15 mins each) give you an evenly broad cross-section of the band’s sound. With dark, reverberating vocals over drums and a single guitar, the songs eschew traditional verse-chorus arrangements in favour of more open and spacious parts that can jump from earth-toned Blues grooves to de-tuned metallic Doom riffs.

The two EPs also serve as example of the band’s ethos on heavy music: emotional impact and intensity does not necessarily have to come from an oversaturated sound. Also, through the band’s own name, titles and sometimes ridiculous lyrical references, the EP’s balance out their oftentimes down tempo and serious tones by poking fun at the genre’s sometimes pompous attitude.

Night Goat’s own recommendation for digesting their music is to the point: Put on some headphones and listen to the SONGS. Ignore what you think is ‘missing’ or ‘not the right way to do it’.

For fans of: The Kills, Chelsea Wolfe, Melvins.