Crushing Death from HORROR GOD and TECHNE (Full Split)

Nov. 20, 2017

"With two full-length albums under Horror God's belt, the new material is a continuation of the band’s thrilling musical journey. The tracks are indicative of Horror God’s evolution as the band continues to expand its sound and push beyond the trappings of recycled death metal. The band showcases the ongoing artistic process of creating music that remains rooted in tradition, yet simultaneously progressive.   We won't make any comparisons to other bands here. Just listen and embrace.

Techne and their music, that's another story altogether. This is a band that thinks outside the box and is not searching for ways to find its place in the death metal scene that their counterparts in Horror God have so successfully accomplished. Those willing to listen intently will discover a band that has embraced the entire spectrum of death metal, but transcend its stereotypes. Techne is intense, dark, oppressively disturbing and slightly industrialized."