Black Metal from HORNWOOD FELL (Full Stream)

Nov. 7, 2017

"Evolution is a long and complex process, which requires several, if not many different phases. Hornwood Fell, from the woods of central Italy, now reach the third landmark in their career, and keep on changing. Started from an all-round, classic and nineties-oriented black metal debut in 2014, the trio began adding new elements to their music on the sophomore album “Yheri” and now, with their new opus “My Body, My Time”, they are still walking along the path of evolution.

Musically, sharp riffs are now mixed with more intricate patterns, the odd psychedelic hints sprout here and there, but what is mostly surprising is a completely new approach to vocals. The debut was a shrieking, earsplitting and raw lament, the sophomore album was a combination of screams and clean vocals, but here guitarist and vocalist Marco Basili renews his whole repertoire. Spanning from crystal-clean singing in the vein of bands like Novembre, to darker, harsher performances, this new approach brings the band way farther from the Norwegian forests of their beginnings and leads them towards personal, uncharted lands."