Atmospheric/Progressive/Post-Metal from LAPSARIAN

Nov. 25, 2019

"Atmospheric/Progressive/Post-Metal quartet Lapsarian was born in Washington, DC in 2018 with the union of Clay Oboth (guitar, vocals), Chase Madson (guitar, vocals), Harrison Pippin (bass), and Lee Stablein (drums). Despite coming from diverse regional and musical backgrounds, the members of Lapsarian are bound by a desire to create immersive, challenging music built on neck-breaking riffs, arresting melodies, and transportive structures. The band is a true collective endeavor with songs that are reflective not just of the breadth of their musical influences, but also of their shared interests and individual experiences. The result is visceral, stimulating metal that can satisfy any fan of modern heavy or conceptual music.

Ruminant, the debut EP from Washington, DC's Lapsarian, is a four-song sojourn that runs the stylistic gamut without sacrificing its focus on captivating song-craft. From the melancholic post-rock that launches "Godspeed," to the flensing progressive black metal of "Deadseer," the cathartic post-metal release of "Allegory of the Cave," and the near-psychedelic doom of "The Accomplice," Ruminant offers something for everyone and does so with aplomb, with healthy injections of prog, sludge, and even blasting grind along the way. This is just the beginning: fans of adventurous heaviness should expect much more from this formidable quartet in the years to come."