Atmospheric Dark Metal from THE NIGHTSTALKER (Full Album)

Nov. 22, 2017

The Nightstalker is a one man atmospheric dark metal project. It just recently release A Journey In Hell under Wolfshade records. The music is gloomy, melodic, and full of sorrow. I hear elements of Insomnium among other things. From the band's Facebook page

"The history of Nightstalker begins at the origin in the group Sercati, black progressive metal. In this formation Steve "Serpent" Fabry, bassist-singer-songwriter, begins to tell the story of the angel. In the first cd of Sercati, we follow the fall of the angel and the search for his place in a foreign world.

But, the character takes another dimension by the writing and publication of a book called "Le journal du Nightstalker" because music, finally, tells a small part of the history of the character and his universe. Steve needs to go further and determine and decide all this in parallel to a personal musical project where he can express all the feelings of his character and his universe."