Acoustic Neofolk from OSI AND THE JUPITER (Full Album Stream)

Sept. 21, 2017

"Osi and the Jupiter is a NeoFolk / Acoustic project created by Sean Deth ( Frontman/Bassist of Witchhelm and Burial Oath) in 2016. Based on northern pagan beliefs and the worship of the old gods as a reflection in nature, the project, led by elegaic cello tones,​ draws parallels with Scandanavian legends Wardruna and Forndom.​ Hailing from Ohio, US, Osi and the Jupiter is an anomaly of sorts, defying all expectations and  standing alongside its European counterparts as a future leader of modern pagan folk music.   Graven Earth records will release the cassette version of "Uthuling Hyl"  October 2017 (75 copies)."