Urushdaur June 18, 2018

by Mortuorial Eclipse

The Pitch: Argentinian band Mortuorial Eclipse combine blackened death metal with dark, exquisite symphonic compositions a la Fleshgod Apocalypse and Septicflesh. Pick it up now in physical format through Black Market Metal. What I Like: I love grand fusions of classical orchestration with hard-hit...

Already Dead June 18, 2018

Already Dead
by Scathed

The Pitch: "Scathed is a three piece crust/dark hardcore band from Milwaukee, WI. Our self-released debut album Already Dead contains bleak, dark, angry songs spanning across topics dealing with technological abuse, medical misdiagnosis, the current state of tensions in america and the repercussions...

Raffy Reviews - Aegaeon: 'Age' June 15, 2018

by Aegaeon

Background Every once in a while, you may come across one of those albums that leaves such an impression on you and your senses that it reinforces your appreciation for the music and reminds you of many of the things that make it so exhilarating. That being said,Aegaeon(named so after one of the mo...

Vøid June 15, 2018

by Unborn Generation

The Pitch: "Dark, cold and dirty Grind n Roll" / crusty hardcore from Finland's Unborn Generation.Vid is the trio's 6th album and is coming at you via Inverse Records. FFO: Converge, Nuisible, Marydod What I Like:Vid is just a good, old-fashioned hardcore time. Vicious vocals, raging D-beats, and v...

The Surreptitious Prophecy / Mother of the Blasphemy June 15, 2018

The Surreptitious Prophecy / Mother of the Blasphemy
by Begat The Nephilim

The Pitch:Unholy Anarchy Records release the highly anticipated debut full length from blackened melodic death metal band Begat The Nephilim. "The album tells the tale of the Mother of Blasphemy, an ancient godlike Nephilim, her rise to power and the resulting consequences facing mankind and the wor...

Binge​/​Purge June 14, 2018

by Dischordia

The Pitch: The return of Oklahoma City technical, progressive death metallers Dischordia. "Binge/Purge is a modern take on Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy within our own political-cultural system." FFO: Gorguts, Coma Cluster Void, Malthusian What I Like: Binge/Purge is a wickedly technical two song...

Raffy Reviews - Obliterate: 'Impending Death' June 13, 2018

Impending Death
by Obliterate

Background Obliterateis yet another Canadian extreme metal act that's been on our radar for quite some time now. Based in Quebec (similarly toKataklysm, who we've also reviewed recently), this modern deathcore band comprised of five members is one of the latest to be introduced into theUnique Leade...

Raffy Reviews - Kataklysm: 'Meditations' June 13, 2018

by Kataklysm

Background Coming out of Quebec, Canada, we have ourselves another long-running death metal band who've helped to shape and pioneer the scene in which they strive.Kataklysmis a four-piece outfit that combines old school death metal with elements of melodeath and thrash metal. Since their 1991 incep...

Botched And Flailed June 13, 2018

Botched And Flailed
by Comess

The Pitch:Louisville, Kentucky-based extreme metallic hardcore unit Comess raize the earth with their new album, Botched and Flailed. FFO: Noise Trail Immersion, Left Behind, The Flesh What I Like: There's a growing subsect of self-described "hardcore" bands that veer ever-closer to the metal end o...

Levels June 13, 2018

by Levels

The Pitch: The self-titled debut album from Arkansas progressive metalcore outfit Levels via Famined Records. FFO: Wage War, Volumes, Currents What I Like: Levels plays with a number of different styles over its tight duration; the primary of which is proggy and djent-heavy as displayed on tracks l...

Resurrect June 12, 2018

by The Walking Dead Orchestra

The Pitch:French technical death metal quintet The Walking Dead Orchestra go toe to toe with some serious competition on their a reissue of their brutal 2017 album, Resurrect, via Unique Leader Records FFO: Reaping Asmodeia, Aborted, Archspire What I Like: Holy crap, soooo many great tracks on this...

De Horae Leprae June 12, 2018

De Horae Leprae
by Délétère

The Pitch: Black metal band Dltre return with a concept album devoted to Teredinis, a leper whose calling is to become a prophet of Centipdes and incarnation of the Plague. On De Horea Leprae, via Sepulchral Productions, "offers 65 minutes of majestic and tortuous black metal full of furor, despair ...

Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh Cut Grass June 11, 2018

Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh Cut Grass
by Halcyon Days

The Pitch: Oslo, Norway metalcore/post-hardcore band Halcyon Days follow up their solid 2016 EP with a new full length via Indie Recordings. FFO: Architects, Underoath, Counterparts What I Like: I'm still a sucker for somewhat sappy, emotional hardcore/metalcore, and in that respect Halcyon Days hi...

Astral Necromancy June 11, 2018

Astral Necromancy
by Hoth

The Pitch: Icy Seattle black metallers Hoth return with Astral Necromancy, the powerful follow-up to the 2014 underground hit, Oathbreaker. FFO: Sacramentum, Windir, UADA What I Like: First, can we just appreciate that the band's logo resembles a tie bomber? It took me this long to realize that. Aa...

Raffy Reviews - Burial in the Sky: 'Creatio et Hominus' June 8, 2018

Creatio et Hominus
by Burial in the Sky

Background Technical death metal in its purest form stands tall as one of those genres that hardly ever ceases to amaze or get drab, giving rise to some of the most talented and musically versed artists of the underground music scene...this band here is no different in that regard.Burial in the Sky...

The White Witch June 8, 2018

The White Witch
by Frayle

The Pitch:"Heavy, Low, Witchy" Cleveland doom and post-metal band Frayle get their EP pressed to physical format by Lay Bare Recordingsand Seeing Red Records. The female-fronted duo purport to "create music for the night sky" influenced by the diverse likes of Kyuss, Portishead, Chelsea Wolf, Massi...

Manor of Infinite Forms June 7, 2018

Manor of Infinite Forms
by Tomb Mold

Few death metal bands have been able to maintain a high level of quality while releasing material in a short span of time, but Torontos Tomb Mold has done just that. Formed as a duo, the band quickly made a name for themselves with two well-received demos in 2016 and followed it up last year with a ...

Singular June 7, 2018

by Singular

The Pitch: Singlar is a dank, solo experimental hardcore/mathcore project based out of Malaysia. FFO: Converge What I Like: I think Malaysia is a first for me, so add another tack to the corkboard map. Mierul has done an excellent job with these 15 minutes of music; demonstrating both strong perfor...

Dweller June 7, 2018

by The Flesh

The Pitch:Tracked live and blending hardcore, crust. and black metal into a "fierce aural attack," The Flesh's debut EP Dweller is "praise of spiritual, physical and emotional erosion." FFO: Young and in the Way, Wake, Feast What I Like: All I needed today was a mental purge of the pent up vitriol ...

Ends of the Earth June 6, 2018

Ends of the Earth
by Euphoreon

The Pitch:Euphoreonis a two-piece unit from New Zealend consisting of Matt Summerville and Eugen Dodenhoeft (Far Beyond). "Ends of the Earthdelivers a signatureEuphoreonsound with aggressive and melodic soundscapes encompassing influences from a range of different metal genres." FFO: Equilibrium, En...

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