Loyal To The Soil April 24, 2018

Loyal To The Soil
by Wolf King

The Pitch: Bay area death-tinged metallic hardcore group Wolf King make a triumphant return after the explosive impact of their debut. Loyal To The Soil finds the band signed to Prosthetic Records and with plenty of fight left in them. FFO: Code Orange, Left Behind, Hellkeeper What I Like: First of...

Annihilated April 24, 2018

by Sectioned

The Pitch: "Sonic ordinance from Edinburgh, Scotland." More mathcore recommendations from the almight Mathcore Index, this time in the form of the highly aggressive Sectioned. FFO: God Mother, Arms, The Chariot What I Like: We closed out 2017 with some really solid mathcore releases, and I'm please...

Back to the Mausoleum April 23, 2018

Back to the Mausoleum
by Graveyard (Spain)

When it comes to bands bearing the Graveyard name, chances are that youre mainly familiar with the Swedish hard rock group. If youre more in tune with underground death metal, then that name may bring the Spanish band to mind instead. Last year the Spanish Graveyard celebrated their tenth anniversar...

Only Love April 23, 2018

Only Love
by The Armed

The Pitch: Detroit hardcore band The Armed team up with producer Kurt Ballou and drummer Ben Koller (Converge, Mutoid Man, etc.) their experimental new album, Only Love. "By imagining they had never heard punk, metal or hardcore and limiting references to pop and the music of their youth, The Armed ...

Cenotaph April 20, 2018

by Graveir

The Pitch: Graveir, seemingly named after a mythical species of ghoul, is an Australian black and death metal band from Impure Sounds currently releasing a new EP to follow up their 2016 full length debut. What I Like: Cenotaph is a dark, decrepit album. I'd liken the listening experience to walkin...

Shadows of the Wasteland April 19, 2018

Shadows of the Wasteland
by Silence Lies Fear

The Pitch: After the sleeper hit, Future: The Return, melodic death metal band Silnce Lies Fear out of Azerbaijan, Baku are back with a vengeance on Shadows of the Wasteland. FFO: Dark Tranquillity, Serenity In Murder, Insomnium What I Like: Aside from the usual big names in melodeath, there are re...

Mszarna April 19, 2018

by Ols

The Pitch:One-woman Polish neofolk project Ols returns with her multi-part vocal harmonies to commune with nature and celebrate sounds of the past. FFO: Myrkur (acoustic), Heilung,Skuggsj What I Like: Your're getting a double-dose of atmospheric, minimalist folk music this week. But where Heilung i...

Ofnir April 18, 2018

by Heilung

The Pitch: Danish experimental folk metal masterpiece Ofnir gets reissued by Season Of Mist. "Heilung is amplified history from early medieval northern Europe and should not be mistaken for a modern political or religious statement of any kind." FFO: Myrkur, Nokturnal Mortum, Tengger Cavalry What I...

Revenant April 18, 2018

by Inferi

The Pitch: "Inferi is an American melodic death metal band forged from the bowels of Nashville, Tennessee. The band sets themselves outside of the generic pack by mixing melodious, yet technical musicianship with virtuosic songwriting..." via The Artisan Era. FFO: The Black Dahlia Murder, Alterbeast...

Trinity April 17, 2018

by Omega Diatribe

The Pitch: Budapest based "extreme groove metal" crew Omega Diatribe release their latest record Trinity via Metal Scrap Records. FFO: Meshuggah, Living Sacrifice What I Like: Groove, groove, groove: that's what this band is about. I had previously compared them to early Meshuggah, and while those ...

Raffy Reviews - Crematory: 'Oblivion' April 16, 2018

by Crematory

Background Since the very early 1990s,Crematoryhas blown up the German extreme metal community with their very own pioneering brand of eclectic music. Their inception followed with a few genre changes, line-up transitions, a wide plethora of releases unveiled through multiple labels and countless l...

Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced April 16, 2018

Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced
by Nigredo

The Pitch:From members of Ravencult, Embrace of Thorns and Dephosphorus, Greece's Nigredo are "changing the way we look at black metal." FFO: Mayhem, Taake, Satyricon What I Like: Nigredo definitely have some venom in their fangs. Their vocalist is a harsh aggressor with a genuine talent for confro...

Raffy Reviews - AEPOCH: 'Awakening Inception' April 13, 2018

Awakening Inception

Background Some of the finest and most influential death metal artists have come from our northern brethren in Canada. From classic OG death performersCryptopsyto modern acts like Beyond Creation andArchspire, the country rarely disappoints. AEPOCH(usually stylized as 'POCH'), are an Ontario-based ...

Mephitism April 13, 2018

by Whoresnation

The Pitch: Tasty grindcore from France's Whoresnation via Throatruiner Records. "With their technical yet-always crushing riffing, blast-beats galore and brutal, guttural barks, the band's no-frills, savage grindcore always finds the perfect balance between death metal precision and punk urgency." F...

With Inexorable Suffering April 13, 2018

With Inexorable Suffering
by Our Place Of Worship Is Silence

The Pitch: "Californias Our Place Of Worship Is Silence embodies the aural punishment that is their sophomore offering and Translation Loss debut With Inexorable Suffering. Consisting of pure hatred for humanity in the form of punishing blackened death and accompanied with gruesomely stunning art by...

WRONG: Album Review and Interview April 12, 2018

Feel Great
by Wrong

ALBUM REVIEW: The Pitch:Miami alternative and old school post-hardcore band Wrong (members of TORCHE, ex-Capsule, ex-Kylesa) release their sophomore album Feel Great. "A moody and eclectic record, albeit the moods are pissed and the eclecticism is different levels of pissed." FFO: Helmet, Quicksand...

Barbelith April 12, 2018

by Scientist

The Pitch: Chicago-based progressive sludge metal band Scientist self-release their third album, Barbelith. "Heavily influenced by the concepts revolving around Grant Morrison's comic book series, The Invisibles, the seven-track offering centers itself on, "the search for life's meaning through the ...

Eras Of Forfeit April 11, 2018

Eras Of Forfeit
by Unravel

The Pitch:Crawling from the gutters of Perth, Western Australia in 2014, Unravel exhume the brutally-primal sledge hammer of old school death metal and ravage it with the violent, political consciousness of grindcore and hardcore punk to sonically smack the heck out of punters in their path. FFO: Na...

The Vulgarian Philharmonic April 11, 2018

The Vulgarian Philharmonic
by Lou Kelly

The Pitch: "This was my attempt at orchestrating anxiety." Solo artist Lou Kelly delivers a mathy bit of experimentation, chopping up hardcore vocals from various other projects with classical instrumentation. Recommended by Mathcast. FFO: Cleric., Mr. Bungle, Jersey Band What I Like: In just 4 tra...

Jord April 10, 2018

by Møl

The Pitch:"The pairing of black metal and shoegaze was always going to have its naysayers; fortunately, the triumphant and crushing sonic result has been the catalyst for some incredible bands just like Danish-powerhouse ML." FFO: So Hideous, Numenorean, Vattnet Viskar What I Like: Between Deafhea...

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