Raffy Reviews - Xenobiotic: 'Prometheus' Feb. 7, 2018

by Xenobiotic

Background: Longtime fanatics of the core music realm will acknowledge Australia - the land down under - for having a modest, yet influential underground scene, especially in regards to deathcore and metalcore. FromSignal The Firing Squad andThe Amity AfflictiontoParkway DriveI Killed The Prom Quee...

Divulgence Feb. 7, 2018

by Organized Chaos

The Pitch: Fascinating, avant-garde progressive metal from Belgrade, Serbia's Organized Chaos featuring appearances fromNick Johnston and Richard Henshall from Haken. FFO: Ihsahn, Mike Patton, Winterhorde What I Like: Sick. I was waiting for the next truly "out there" release to drop into my mailbo...

Grains Feb. 6, 2018

by Thaw

Thaws often been lumped into the black metal category over the years, but that only represents one aspect of the Polish bands sound. Early on they merged elements of post rock, ambient, and noise alongside black metal, with 2015s improvised drone/ambient release St. Phenome Alley demonstrating just ...

We Will All Be Gone Feb. 6, 2018

We Will All Be Gone
by Good Tiger

The Pitch: London progressive, alternative band Good Tiger follow up their explosive debut with a new album through Black Light Media and Metal Blade Records. Says the band, "We were still finding our feet on 'A Head Full Of Moonlight', and seeing how we all integrated with each other. I think the s...

Aerith Feb. 6, 2018

by Aerith

The Pitch: Praise the day; finally some decent melodeath from California's Aerithfeaturing Ken Bedene of Aborted on drums. FFO:In Flames, Serenity In Murder, Dark Tranquillity What I Like: Great melodic death metal is few and far between these days. After the recent letdown from the promising Blood...

The Lights of This Earth Are Blinding Feb. 5, 2018

The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding
by Centuries

The Pitch: Scathing Florida hardcore band Centuries deliver their second album via Southern Lord: "a dark album that carries a theme of constant self-doubt." FFO: Grieved, Converge, Implore What I Like:The Lights of This Earth Are Blinding is just one of those hammer-to-the-face kind of albums. The...

Raffy Reviews - Spite: 'Antimoshiach' Feb. 2, 2018

by Spite

Background: New York City stands as a hub for a wide arrangement of various musical communities and underground scenes. The black metal following, while very modest, includes a few of the most dedicated niche artists you may find.Spiteis one of those blackened extreme metal projects, run by a singl...

Form Is Void Feb. 2, 2018

Form Is Void
by Stygian Obsession

The Pitch: "Stygian Obsession traverse their subterranean realms of dark brutality through savage speedy passages and slow, haunting doom with equal facility, utterly engulfing the listener in apocalyptic foreboding." Via Pacific Threnodies. FFO: Abyssal, Adversarial, Beithioch What I Like: Form is...

Raffy Reviews - Frost Giant: 'The Harlot Star' Feb. 1, 2018

The Harlot Star
by Frost Giant

Background: Frost Giantis one Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based four piece act that uniquely blends melodic death elements with the vibes and emotions linked with folk metal. Performing under the eclectic and undergroundTranscending Records label, the band has previously released a couple of EPs in ...

The Collapse Feb. 1, 2018

The Collapse
by Vimana

The Pitch: Death/grind from Willowtip's Vimana out of Seattle,featuring current and former members of Cephalic Carnage and Vale Of Pnath. "...contemplating your existence in the universe while crushing a beer can against your forehead listening to Slayer." What I Like: The guitars and drums on this...

Without New Growth Process is Bloodshed Feb. 1, 2018

Without New Growth Process is Bloodshed
by Astrakhan

The Pitch: The return of Vancouver's progressive sludge outfit Astrakhan with an album that chronicles our unfortunate rush to adulthood that ironically leaves us yearning to regain the innocence and blissful ignorance of youth. FFO: Mastodon, Tool, Bushwhacker What I Like: When last we left Astrak...

Fall From Reality Jan. 31, 2018

Fall From Reality
by Evil Warriors

Germanys Evil Warriors may be a new name for many of you, but the black metal band has been honing their craft for close to eleven years now. Their debut full length came out way back in 2011, and now the group has returned with a follow-up titled Fall From Reality. Its clear that the longer period ...

Sickening Jan. 31, 2018

Sickening (Gravestone)
by Gravestone

The Pitch: The energetic debut album from Swedish old school death metallers, Gravestone. FFO: Earth Rot, Evocation, Gruesome What I Like: Sometimes you just need to turn off your brain and do some damage to your vertebrae. Sickening is just the album for such an occasion. Sporting some seriously c...

Lowered Jan. 31, 2018

by Lowered

The Pitch: Black and doom metal out of Portland, Oregon from Lowered via Throne Records. FFO: Fell Ruin, Creeping, Oldd Wvrms What I Like: This is a super solid debut with a little bit of everything. First off, there's the massive doom sound with riffs that bring down the house. The massive product...

Raffy Reviews - Insaniam: 'Ominous Era' Jan. 30, 2018

Ominous Era
by Insaniam

Background: Spain's ever-growing underground music scene has spawned some notable releases for us metal folk in recent years. With that being said, today's bandInsaniam are making a sturdy return with their newest effort. Released just last week and serving as a follow up to the unsigned five piece...

Apparatus Jan. 30, 2018

by The Sleeper

The Pitch: Leipzig, Germany progressive metalcore band The Sleeper drops a new EP of post-metal tinged tunes viaASTAT Entertainment. FFO: Textures, Tesseract, Northlane What I Like: Hey! Another rare metalcore release that actually caught my attention! The Sleeper do an excellent job of delivering ...

Sinister Creed Jan. 30, 2018

Sinister Creed
by Funeral Winds

A little over ten years after the last full length, Dutch black metal band Funeral Winds has returned with Sinister Creed. Now in their twenty seventh year as an active group, these days the project is down to founder Hellchrist Xul with the addition of MZI (Kvltist) on session drums. The lineup cha...

Race Against Time Jan. 29, 2018

Race Against Time
by The Dead Centuries

The Pitch: "Ottawa three-piece The Dead Centuries are both futuristic and dangerouswhich is as it should be. Influenced by Protest The Hero, Periphery, Paul Gilbert, Sithu Aye and Intervals, The Dead Centuries can easily hold their heads up in such exalted company." FFO:Animals As Leaders, Scale The...

Raffy Reviews - Nest of Plagues: 'End of the Comedy' Jan. 26, 2018

End of the Comedy
by Nest of Plagues

Background: I guess you could say that this review is sort of a milestone for myself since this happens to be the first ever deathcore act I've listened to from the country of Hungary. Nest of Plagues isa band that blends many of the familiar and established core-related sounds with elemental under...

LIVE RECAP: Meshuggah/Code Orange/Toothgrinder Jan. 26, 2018

Crystal Ballroom: January, 25 2018
by FlightOfIcarus

Welcome to McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR. This gorgeous, multi-floored venue was the perfect setting for the destruction to come. It was here that I had the pleasure of fulfilling a lifelong dream of seeing Meshuggah live in all of their glory, and the added bonus of being utterly pum...

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