Raffy Reviews - Human Prey: 'Return of the True Kings' July 5, 2018

Return of the True Kings
by Human Prey

Background Here atMetal Trencheswe've discussed and looked at the musical works of some of the finest heavy and extreme metal artists that Germany has to offer. FromCrematorytoDefeated Sanity,Mental Cruelty and more...we've got it covered.That being said,Human Preyfrom Leipzig takes the cake when i...

Monument to Decay July 5, 2018

Monument to Decay
by Deus Vermin

The Pitch: Deus Vermin are a destructive blackened death metal force out of Leeds, UK bringing you new album Monument to Decay via F H E D. FFO: Malthusian, Abyssal, Portal What I Like: Deus Vermin's sound hits like a ton of bricks. They have some slower, doomy moments as with "Worms," but for the ...

Transience July 4, 2018

by Shylmagoghnar

The Pitch: "The world ofShylmagoghnaris one that thrives on opposites: raw soundscapes meet pure elegy, and destruction gives way to harmony... Atmospheric black metal and harsh vocals burst into progressive guitar melodies deeply rooted in melodic death metal a rather melancholic and yet playful s...

Dollmeat July 4, 2018

by Mouthbreather

The Pitch: Boston mathcore/grindcore band Mouthbreather follow up their Pig EP with the arguably even more destructive Dollmeat. FFO: Helpless, Full of Hell, Knocked Loose What I Like: Maybe I'm just a sucker for panic chords, but I can't get enough of Mouthbreather. I stated in my review of Pig th...

Darkness... July 3, 2018

by Mordor

Mordors third full length Darkness may have slipped in under your radar when it released back in April, but its worth circling back on as we move into the second half of 2018. To be fair, considering the twenty-one-year gap between this album and the bands last release perhaps its not surprising tha...

Northern Chaos Gods July 3, 2018

Northern Chaos Gods
by Immortal

The Pitch: The first of the Norwegian black metal legends' albums to not feature longtime frontman Abbath. "With rabid furore, teeth-baring aggression and an eerie cold that crawls deep into the very bones of the listener after only a few unrelenting seconds, Immortal have erected a new superior kin...

Quantum Eraser July 3, 2018

Quantum Eraser
by Secret Cutter

The Pitch: Pennsylvania sludge/grind stalwarts Secret Cutter deliver their sophomore album via Holy Roar and Deathwish. "A feedback-laden mindfuck, boiling with intensity, the eleven tracks on Quantum Eraser deliver an immeasurable seismic attack delivered with by-the-throat conviction." FFO: Lord M...

Come, Heavy Breath July 2, 2018

Come, Heavy Breath
by Violent Life Violent Death

The Pitch:North Carolina-based metallic/blackened hardcore band Violent Life Violent Death return with Come, Heavy Breath. "We really wanted to illustrate moments of fervor that draw a gasp, or, a heavy breath, as the title depicts. These are the moments of awe that we each experience in life, wheth...

Departures July 2, 2018

by Death Will Tremble

The Pitch: Texas post-hardcore band Death Will Tremble deliver a sorrowful new EP titled Departures. FFO: Annakarina, Deadspace, The Drowned God What I Like: I listened to this EP while in an utterly piss-poor mood, and that ultimately proved appropriate Departures is a doomy, depressive post-hardc...

Flight's Metal Midterms 2018 June 29, 2018

Metal Midterms 2018
by Metal Trenches

Well all of 3 of my Metal Midterms lists are up now. Get them in one place below and don't forget your wallet. Be sure to shout at us on social media to let us know what you think. Who were your favorites? Who do you think I missed? Who are you most looking forward to in the second half of 2018? Als...

2018 Metal Midterms: Enjoyability June 29, 2018

You'd think that the whole "metal about slugs" thing would become a limiting gimmick over time, but with Esoteric Malacology, Slugdge are slimier than ever. Not only have the lyrics and album titles gotten more creative (and often humorous); their compositional and perfomance skills have vastly matu...

2018 Metal Midterms: Musicianship June 28, 2018

Australian atmospheric blackened death metal legends Portal are back again for their 5th album, Ion, via Profound Lore. True to form, it's an album that challenges your senses and forces your ear to the iron in the name of progress.It is an album that demands multiple listens; and even as a fan my f...

2018 Metal Midterms: Innovation June 27, 2018

"This was my attempt at orchestrating anxiety." Solo artist Lou Kelly delivers a mathy bit of experimentation, chopping up hardcore vocals from various other projects with classical instrumentation.The Vulgarian Philharmonic's unhinged songwriting is indeed a stressful experience; but it's a panic a...

Hekatomb June 27, 2018

by Funeral Mist

Ariochs been known more in recent years for his powerful vocals that have become a trademark of Marduks sound over the past fourteen years, but his other band Funeral Mist has delivered violent and complex black metal for just as long. Since 2009s Maranatha Marduk has released four full lengths so i...

Raffy Reviews - Marduk: 'Viktoria' June 27, 2018

by Marduk

Background Sweden's diverse catalogue of heavy metal artists is widely known the whole world over. FromAmon AmarthandIn Flamesto the likes ofOpeth andDark Tranquility, there is a ton of variety to choose from. And today, we will be looking at one black metal outfit that's held its own throughout th...

Fugue June 26, 2018

by Moonreich

The Pitch: Excellent French label Les Acteurs De L'Ombre is at it again with more oppressive black metal, this time from Paris' Moonreich. FFO: In Cauda Venenum, Wiegedood, Raventale What I Like: Moonreich is equal parts aggressive black metal, atmospheric journey, and depressive doom aesthetic. Th...

Aphelion June 26, 2018

by Aphelion

The Pitch: Self-released instrumental, progressive metal from Winnipeg's Aphelion. FFO: Cotillion, MoRkObOt, Zilf What I Like: This debut self-titled EP is just a fun time. If you enjoy flashy, technical musicianship that is also engaging and palatable, Aphelion have just what you're looking for. I...

White Noise and Black Metal June 25, 2018

White Noise and Black Metal
by Craft

Swedens Craft stood out early with the raw energy and abrasiveness of albums like Total Soul Rape and Fuck the Universe. In recent years their material was few and far between, with Void coming six years after its predecessor and this years White Noise and Black Metal coming close to seven years aft...

From The Depths of Flesh June 25, 2018

From The Depths of Flesh
by Wombripper

The Pitch:Pure HM-2 sound old school death metal band Wombripper from Russia get their latest album From The Depths Of Flesh reissued by Redefining Darkness Records. FFO: Mammoth Grinder, Crypt Rot, Expulsion What I Like: This album is a straight up beating. If the Russian threat is real, this is i...


IndexFest 2018
by Mathcore Index

Metal Trenches is beyond stoked, and incredibly humbled, to announce our sponsorship of the 2018 Mathcore Index IndexFest. Presented by Metal Injection, this incredible festival could easily be THE concert of the year. That said, check out the full details below, and be sure to grab your tickets fas...

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