Autocognition Of Light Nov. 28, 2017

Autocognition Of Light
by Ignis Haereticum

The Pitch: Goathorned Productions presents the latest from Columbian occultistsIgnis Haereticum. "Arguably even more towering than its no-less-considerable predecessor, Autocognition of Light dazzles and defies with an eerily seamless ease, its iteration of orthodox black metal soundly trumping the ...

Sein / Zeit Nov. 27, 2017

Sein / Zeit
by Barshasketh / Outre

The Pitch: "A new dawn is approaching. UK'sBarshasketh and Poland's Outre join forces to release Sein / Zeit... via Third Eye Temple and Blut Eisen Prod.This conceptual split takes inspiration from the work of Martin Heidegger['s]... Sein Zeit (Being and Time). This seminal philosophical text, whi...

Cotillion Nov. 24, 2017

by Cotillion

The Pitch: Potentially the final album from New York/Massachusetts instrumental progressive project Cotillion. If so, the band is going out at the top of their game. FFO: MoRkObOt, Animals As Leaders, Bangladeafy What I Like: Well I'm sad to see these guys go, but it's also always nice to hear a ba...

Apologoethia Nov. 24, 2017

by Apologoethia

The Pitch: "Invictus Productions is proud to present Apologoethia's highly anticipated debut mini-album, Pillars. What results is a hysteric-yet-nuanced plunge into the realms of madness.Exploring the dark side of human knowledge, an introspection through different cultural, ascetic, and religious a...

Recap and Verdict: Flight's Most Anticipated Metal of 2017 Nov. 23, 2017

Will this be it? Will it finally be the year that gives us a new progressive opus from one of the biggest bands out there? My instincts are telling me to think forwards to 2018 on this one, but they have promised that they are actually writing and recording, so it's not out of the realm of possibili...

Raffy Reviews - Anguis Dei: 'Ad Portas Serpentium' Nov. 22, 2017

Ad Portas Serpentum
by Anguis Dei

Background/The Band Not too much is known aboutAnguis Deiaside from the fact that they apparently hail from somewhere in Japan and are currently a four-piece project. The band also incorporates many melodic and symphonic elements into their hellish brand of black metal, with themes emphasizing on S...

IAO 269 Nov. 22, 2017

IAO 269
by Corpse Garden

The Pitch: Psychodelic technical death metal from Costa Rica's Corpse Garden viaGodz ov War Productions.The new album, IAO 269, takes the band into bold, new territory; far more experimental and even trance-like at times. FFO: Gigan, Veilburner, John Frum,Norse What I Like: The music of Corpse Gard...

Raffy Reviews - Ungoliantha: 'Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death' Nov. 21, 2017

Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death
by Ungoliantha

Background/The Band In recent memory, it appears as though the black metal underground movement has taken its form across the continent of Europe. And now, one such act based out of Kiev, Ukraine are making their mark with the physical release of their debut full-length.Ungoliantha are a symphonic ...

Illuminated Nov. 21, 2017

by Speaking With Ghosts

The Pitch: Chicago metalcore quintet Speaking With Ghosts releases their latest album, Illuminated, via Famined Records. FFO: The Ghost Inside, The Plot in You, Architects What I Like: Illuminated has plenty in store for your average metalcore fan. There are lots of djenty hooks, for instance the e...

Kong Vinter Nov. 20, 2017

Kong Vinter
by Taake

The Pitch: The 7th album from controversial Norwegian black metal act, Taake. "Hoest, who plays every instrument on Kong Vinter himself, has ensured that the album is imbued with the unique Taake sound whilst at the same time developing it further. Kong Vinter is both progressive and straight forwar...

Askesis Nov. 20, 2017

by Calligram

The Pitch: London-based, multinational blackened hardcore band Calligram are back with the release of Askesis via Basick Records. "A viciously dark and atmospheric ride through bleakened lands of sonic destruction." FFO: Hellkeeper, LLNN, Sibiir What I Like: Props to Calligram, first of all, for on...

Raffy Reviews - The Body/Full of Hell: 'Ascending A Mountain of Heavy Light' Nov. 17, 2017

Ascending A Mountain of Heavy Light
by Full of Hell & The Body

Background: Last year, grind bandFull of Hell was called upon to collaborate with longtime doom projectThe Bodyfor a full-length album release titledOne Day You Will Ache Like I Ache. Unveiled under the Neurot label, this album gained a cult following among fans and became sort of a sleeper hit with...

Ashvattha Nov. 17, 2017

by The Last Of Lucy

The Pitch: Orange County/Los Angeles progressive technical death metal band The Last Of Lucy deliver an album that "draws strength from angular groove metal, technical grindcore, a plethora of smooth saxophone-led jazz moments and ambient electronic elements that give the material a unique identity ...

M E T A Nov. 17, 2017

by Ylva

The Pitch:Melbourne, Australias post-metal and sludge band Ylva deliver "patient, dark, and intense music" with their Translation Loss debut record M E T A. FFO: Alaskan, They Grieve, Sonance What I Like: Ylva make soundtracks to the kettle boiling over. "Sting in the Air" takes its sweet time appr...

6 More Heaviest Female-Fronted Bands Nov. 17, 2017

Venom Prison has been really making the rounds this year. I had some qualms regarding the album itself, so I didn't end up including it in my review schedule. But make no mistake, this UK band goes HARD. Band leader "L" (what is this...Death Note?) tackles topics that includesocial Darwinism, misogy...

The Devil's Despair Nov. 16, 2017

The Devil's Despair
by Cryptodira

The Pitch: A delightfully eclectic release from Long Island's Cryptodira. Progressive metal, mathcore, post-hardcore, jazz, and a number of other styles all melded into one solid album. FFO: The Hirsch Effekt, Autocatalytica, BTBAM What I Like: Just when I thought I wouldn't get any more truly orig...

Raffy Reviews - Necrotted: 'Worldwide Warfare' Nov. 15, 2017

Worldwide Warfare
by Necrotted

Background/The Band: Germany is a country that is pretty well recognized for its underground music sceneespecially when it comes to heavy metal. In the past several years, countless bands have taken the forefront in spreading their so-called brutality.Necrotted, a brutal technical death metal six-pi...

Doctrine Nov. 15, 2017

by Lihhamon

The Pitch: "In solidarity with Lihhamon, and in the name of the labels continuing goal of hastening the demise of the plague of humankind, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to hereby offer the first LP version of this document of unspeakable atrocities." FFO: Vermin Womb, Crypt Rot, Epoch What I Like: Cr...

Into The Grey Nov. 15, 2017

Into The Grey
by Nullingroots

The Pitch: Southern California's Nullingroots have joined with Prosthetic Records to further explore the bounds of post-black and blackgaze without falling victim to its usual tropes. FFO: Numenorean, Anagnorosis, Archivist What I Like: If you ask me, this genre is incredibly hit and miss. The styl...

Terraforming Nov. 15, 2017

by Jupiterian

The Pitch: "From Brazil, underground masked entity Jupiterian reemerge with their unique brand of atmospheric sludge/doom metal. Haunting both musically and aesthetically, Jupiterian delve into subtler, more visceral sounds while retaining their crushing style." Via Transcending Obscurity. FFO: Doom...

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