Unraveled and Unwavering

Feb. 17, 2017


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The Pitch: Blooklyn sludge and post-metal band returns after a few EP's (Unraveling recieving our own critical acclaim) and 88 shows(!) with their very first full length record.

What I Like: First and foremost, these are just the underdogs you root for.  Their first EP was stunning, and you have to admire the work ethic between touring and recording so much in just a year or two.  As for this album, there is plenty to take in.  The big, grungy chords are delightfully murky while also having a Fonzie-level of coolness to them.  That bass groove on "Solitude" makes me feel like I should put on a leather jacket and sunglasses.  Very few vocals at all to that song, and yet it is one of the most expressive of the bunch.  I also dig the folksy, almost Southern-sounding charm to the clean vocals.  This album features less extreme moments than their past work, but achieves a level of success on par with bands like Royal Thunder.

What I Don't Like: Mixed bag when it comes to my critical side of this album.  On the one hand, I do miss the overwhelming despair and haunting shrieks of Unraveling; but on the other this feels like a band coming through all of those challenges  happier and more stable on the other side.  It's hard to advocate for one to stay miserable.  I guess I'd still like to see the band stay true to where they are mentally right now while still being able to pull from a broader range of "metalness" if you will.

The Verdict: While I still prefer Unraveling overall, I am excited by Thera Roya's progress and enjoy this first LP for what it is: a band maturing, exploring, and touring their asses off.  I wish them only success in the future and hope to catch them live one day.  STREAM IT HERE.

Flight's Fav's: Dream of Arrakis, Solitude, Phaedrus Revealed