Trumpeting Ecstasy

May 16, 2017


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The Pitch: Maryland/Pennsylvania noise and grindcore band Full Of Hell recieve critical acclaim and massive fan praise for their latest crusher through Profound Lore.  FFO Nails, Code Orange, The Body

What I Like: I was very quick to purchase my own copy of Trumpeting Ecstasy after just one spin.  The sounds on display here are among the harshest, and most bone-shattering I've heard in 2017.  They have supplanted my previous endorsement of Sunlight's Bane in this respect.  The vocals, especially on tracks like "Crawling Back to God" are exceedingly vicious and spiteful.  And I adore the Code Orange-esque electronic influences and creepy female vocals on the tital track.  It's a nightmarish mindf#$k with tons of speed and some awesome grooves.

Critiques: In terms of the hype I heard before listening to this album: Yes, this is incredibly heavy and violent, but I wouldn't say it's album of the year.  Nothing too out of the ordinary aside from the wicked title track.

The Verdict: Trumpeting Ecstasy is a contender for heaviest album of the year, but not album of the year.  I highly enjoy the material and certainly recommend breaking yo' neck to these tunes, but if this is your idea of the greatest metal of 2017, I have dozens more recommendations for you.  Decide for yourself with the stream below.

Flight's Fav's: Crawling Back To God, Trumpeting Ecstasy, Deluminate