Jan. 5, 2018


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The Pitch: I Trust You To Kill Me is a two-piece mathcore project with members out of Pennsylvania. Their latest Name Your Price Album is an energetic affair that should please fans of Every Time I Die, The Bled, and The Chariot

What I Like: This is another group I caught wind of through Mathcore Index's 'Mathcast' with the track "Terribleness." This excellent opener was rightly compared to Every Time I Die with its untethered singing parts amidst the frenetic, mathy riffs and hardcore barking. The Southern flair of "1986," for instance, is equally dripping with the Buckleys' charm. But there is another comparison flowing through this album that seemed absent from their analysis: The Bled. So many moments on this album both in songwriting and vocal performance remind me of Pass The Flask even more so than ETID's early works. When those half-sung, half-screamed parts kick in, I hear pure James Muñoz.

And there are plenty of other influences as well. "Home" has a melodic build worthy of a Norma Jean release, while the moody, largely distortionless "Farmer's Boy" sounds like a cross between Blood Brothers and These Arms Are Snakes. Despite its chill approach in comparison to the rest of the album, this quickly became one of my favorite tracks. But the biggest surprise for me was "Kiss A Train," which sounds more than a little like Touche Amore. It's got the same heart-wrenching guitar hooks and passionate vocal performances, albeit still mixed up with further ETIDisms.

Critiques: Love is a bit uneven by my account. The strong tracks are excellent, but others like "Repose" and "I Ate The Sun" feel very generic. I don't find myself skipping them, but I don't find myself experiencing the same level of engagement either.

The Verdict: I Trust You To Kill Me feel like they have another step to take before they hit their stride just right, but Love is a very strong foot on which to kick things off. Fans of any of the bands above will find themselves in nostalgia heaven.

Flight's Fav's: Terribleness, Farmer's Boy, Kiss A Train

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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