Indiana Black Metal

Jan. 19, 2017


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The Pitch: Hellthrasher Productions unleashes the latest release from Indiana black metal project Ecferus on CD.  Solo work "influenced by evolutionary anthropology and primitive myth, ECFERUS explores the psyche of early humans through a vehicle of exciting and unpredictable black metal."

What I Like: Alp displays a decent range of pacing on this EP.  There are the slower, foreboding passages as well as explosive torrents of unrelenting tremolos and blastbeats.  And regardless of which mode he is using, the end result conveys plenty of the grimness and evil necessary for the genre.  The dark melodies are intensely maleficent, and I am impressed that one person is able to pull this off alone.  There are plenty of solo BM projects out there, but the majority that I encounter take a more atmospheric or depressive route.  This is pure 2nd wave in the vein of early Mayhem.  The slight echo on the already demonic vocals adds an extra layer of terror.

What I Don't Like: "Deprogrammation Entranceptor" is kind of a dud.  It's repetetive and dull, which is only exacerbated by its length.

The Verdict: Another blast of black metal aggression that proves the US can be just as keenly grim as their Scandinavian peers.

Flight's Fav's: Talisman Fire Eye, Psychophilic Volts