Delightfully Weird

Dec. 1, 2016


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The Pitch: Ukranian eclectic mixture of alternative rock, experimental, post-hardcore, and progressive.

What I Like: This album is just delightfully weird.  It's not overtly avant-garde, and yet within its vaguely alternative shell there is something gestating that is not quite of this earth.  I am amazed by how many genres get touched on over the course of this album, and sometimes within single songs.  It is something I have not heard before, and previously thought could only be cooked up in the mind of Mike Patton.

What I Don't Like: Not every song hits its mark, but I can somewhat forgive it given the scope that the album manages to cover.

The Verdict: Sounds Like Murder kills by confusion.  Rather than leaping at you with muscles and claws, it disorients its pray before quietly slipping the venom.  I think a little more thought into planning the album as a whole could have been beneficial, but these songs are in the ether.

Flight's Fav's: Following, Ropes, Red Code