STREAM: Hellish Swirling Death Metal from AEVITERNE

May 4, 2018

"Aeviterne is the trio of Garett Bussanick (ex-Flourishing, ex-Tombs), Eric Rizk (ex-Flourishing), and Ian Jacyszyn (ex-Castevet), joined now by new member Sam Smith (Artificial Brain) who was brought on board after the recording was completed. Comprising two songs – "Spring of Mirrors" and "Inborn" – Sireless will be released as a limited-edition 7" vinyl on P2 Records and as a digital download.

Aeviterne makes new magic out of the elements Flourishing toyed with, drawing from the hellish, swirling end of the death metal spectrum as well as the icy atmospheres and rhythmic rigidity of industrial music. With Jacyszyn's powerful and precise drumming providing the foundation, Aeviterne is a stronger beast than its members' previous bands, expressing itself in a new, more focused, more right-angled way."

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