Vision And Delirium

May 17, 2017


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The Pitch: Originally from Missouri, black and death metal band Lo-Ruhamah break a nearly 10 year silence to release to release an album through I, Voidhanger focused on "the dissolution of reason and the human mind, enlightenment, desperation, self-destruction, will, visionary experiences, cosmic ruination, and the lines between humanity and divinity." FFO Au-Dessus, Awe, Altar of Plagues, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber

What I Like: Fantastic mix of melancholic melodicism and blackened hellfire.  Much like that absolutley gorgeous album art, this album evokes such a duality of intricate beauty and unspeakable horrors.  There's a contemplative, meditative quality to both the musicianship and the grim-yet-subdued vocal delivery.  Definitely howls I imagine coming from some cloaked, faceless silhouette; one cloaked in thick smoke and unmoving on stage.  When I think of incorporating the mood and aesthetic of shoegaze successfully into actually rewarding compositions, Anointing should be a benchmark  No more meandering, repetetive, and ultimately dull "blackgaze," please.  Take note, you burgeoning, heavily depressed metal musicians out there:  this is your training manual.  Lo-Ruhamah prove that you can have it all: stunning, lively drumwork, ever-shape-shifting guitars, and powerful vocals all within the context of a highly morose soundscape.  And as proven by "Rending," you can even get downright brutal.

What I Don't Like: All of that said, I'm not above offering some constructive crticism.  I think that this band still has room to step up their game in terms of further differentiating thier tracks and offering a few more surprises.

The Verdict: A stunning synthesis of moods and metal subgenres with a steady flow and evocative vision.  I think I'm going to have to pick this one up in physical for sure.  Get it Friday and remember the name Elijah Tamu when browsing future artwork.

Flight's Fav's: Mouth, Rending, Vision And Delirium