Temporal Majesty

Aug. 8, 2017


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The Pitch: Filled with defiance and written in the "heavy-handed shadow" of the Mormon churches of Utah, Moray delivers solid black metal for the modern age.  FFO Gilded Lily, Pale Chalice, early Panopticon

What I Like: "Aether" is just an all-around killer track, so Moray have wisely put their best foot forward while also providing a decent summary of what to expect overall.  Their sound is a skillful mix of rough-sounding black metal with soaring, melodic guitar riffs.  There's definitely some "post-black" vibes that come through on the latter, but thanks to the gritty production and fierce vocals Temporal Majesty never drifts too far from its Norwegian roots.  Seriously, these high-pitched, larynx-ripping screams are eruptions of not only the body, but also the soul.  I also appreciate the range of mood and pacing on this EP.  While "Between the Sun and Summit" is more of a slow-buring, depressive track, "Dagger" immediately follows with riffs and blastbeats just as sharp and sinister as the title would suggest.

Critiques: I've never been one for the repetitiousness of depressive black metal, so I'd prefer the band lean more heavily on their heavier, hook-driven side in the future.  Fortunately the balance here is solid, and we're never lost in a particular tremolo pattern for too long.

The Verdict: Evoking imagery of both slow, shivering walks through dark forests and Satanic summoning of catastrophic ice storms, Moray have done a lot with these 20 minutes of music to warrant putting them on your radar.  Their specific take on the genre is executed with a clear vision and plenty of creativity and talent to back it up.  I guess I can thank the Mormon church for something.

Flight's Fav's: Aether, Dagger

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