SOS Vinyl Edition

July 31, 2017


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The Pitch: Detroit female-fronted metallic hardcore act Backswing reissue their 2016 album SOS on vinyl via DemonsRunAmok.  FFO: Left Behind, Meatwound, Power Trip

What I Like: Unapologetic and to the point.  These descriptors easily sum up the concept of SOS.  No bells and whistles, no sugar coating; just the abrasive vocals of Marissa Ward with some impressive death growls in the mix as well.  The simplistic chord structres, downtuning, and mixture of hardcore with death certainly draw heavy comparisons to Left Behind and perhaps also Wolf King.  This is beatdown music.

Critiques: I'm fine with simple lyrics, but these at times come off as a little too predictable.  The deliveries could use some work as well.

The Verdict: Not exactly memorable,. but a nice face-meets-fist album that also shows some promise in the dual vocal department.  I'm sure this music is best played live.

Flight's Fav's: Short Breath, Corset, Extinguished

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