Sexual Panic Human Machine

Aug. 4, 2017


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The Pitch: Hell's Headbangers presents the second album from sexually perverse, Finnish blackened punk/thrashers, Bonehunter.  FFO: Craven Idol, Destroyer 666, Witchery

What I Like:  Well here we are.  I don't think just a few years back I would have envisioned myself sitting on a park bench, enjoying a beautiful Portland summer day while writing my thoughts on a band called Bonehunter; whose latest album features a humanoid bear with a massive erection amidst a lab full of aliens.  Oh how fate dost throw one a curveball now and then, but I digress.  I suppose the most important takeaway is that if I felt the need to take time out of my day to cover such a ridiculous concept, the music must be worth it.  It is.  Sexual Panic Human Machine is frothing at the mouth with headbanging, thrashy riffs and blackened D-beats.  The vocals are plenty grim, but also deliver a level of punk ethos that the band preaches as crucial to their mission statement.  Not much left to say but dive in.

Critiques: How does one give feedback regarding an album that wears its dgaf insanity on its sleeve?  Some people just want to watch the world burn...and still others have disturbed sexual scif fi fantasies about well-endowed bear men.

The Verdict: I could have been doing virtually anything on this gorgeous afternoon.  There's a f#@king deer grazing behind me.  Yet I felt it necessary to convey the need for you to listen to Sexual Panic Human Machine.  You're welcome.

Flight's Fav's: Enter the Satan's Dimension, Digital Evil, Substance Creator

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