Reaching Into Infinity

May 19, 2017


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The Pitch: Always campy and over-the-top UK power metal band Dragonforce make a triumphant, riff-driven return with Reaching Into Infinity via Metal Blade Records.

What I Like:  Look ya'll, I try to focus on the underground, but every now and then there's a big name release worth exploring as well.  This is actually my first time listening to this band since they blew up with "Through the Fire and Flames" so many years ago.  I still rock out to that song regularly, but I just never came back around for status checks, especially after all of the joking regarding live performances not matching work in the studio. 

And yet here we are.  It seems serendipidous timing, as I was feeling a little bogged down by all of the super serious content I've been mulling through.  Time to don some larping attire and lock my arm into a perpetual invisible orange.  And boy do these guys still deliver the melodrama.  Reaching Into Infinity showcases a band that hasn't changed a bit since I was jamming them on Guitar Hero in college.  The vocals are still fit for many a road trip sing along (Carpool Karaoke, take note) and the guitars still bring a seemingly endless supply of hooks and solos.  There's even some death vocals on the progressive 12 minute "The Edge Of The World," and the Death cover is also really strong.

Critiques: If you were looking for something new, you're probably not going to find it here.  I could do without the cheesy ballads.  I am perfectly fine banging my head to the faster songs no matter how ridiculous they may be, but the slower ones aren't my cup of tea.

The Verdict: Super fun, super campy, lots of great guitar.  If you need a break to just get silly or pump yourself up for the day ahead, Reaching Into Infinity should do the trick.  Get it today everywhere, stream on all of the usual platforms.

Flight's Fav's: Ashes of the Dawn, Judgement Day, Midnight Madness