Neverending Trail of Skulls

Aug. 1, 2017


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The Pitch: The second album of Italian horror old school death metallers Gravesite though Xtreem Music.  FFO: Death, Gruesome, Shed The Skin

What I Like: If you are all about OSDM and the bands above, you'll have little reason not to enjoy Neverending Trail of Skulls.  The album is chock full of horror movie imagery and samples, along with some truly grotesque 90's death vocals.  Alternating between swampy trudges, ripping double bass, and crusty D-beats; the drums guide the listener through a jarring guantlet of pace changes.  The band even delves into some jazz influences on the intro to "Swallowed in Darkness."  The riffs are familiar territory, but deliver plenty of primal hooks ranging from death metal to thrash along with a few killer solos.

Critiques: You're not going to find much in the name of originality.  Gravesite are very much content to retread the death metal days of yore (though they do it well).

The Verdict: These sewer freaks will certainly swallow you in darkness down this Neverending Trail of Skulls.  Along the way you'll see familiar, ghoulish sights, but the nostalgia and strong performances more than make up for it.

Flight's Fav's: Forced to Cannibalism, Swallowed in Darkness, Town of the Re-animated

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