Larga Sombra

Aug. 10, 2017


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The Pitch: WOOAAARGH serves up the debut album from raw, Madrid-based blackened crust group, Khmer.  FFO: Martyrdod, Nuisible, Zao

What I Like: Larga Sombra is a rough listen.  These guys deliver some really berating, noisy hardcore with unforgiving vocals and harsh distortion.  D-beats drive the listener ever forward in this raucous dance of violence.  While I would be remiss in calling Khmer's music "black metal," there is certainly a similar aesthetic that comes through in the bleak, nihilistic tone of the music as well as the poisonous snarls.  Alternatively, there are some vaguely metalcore riffs that leak into the compositions at key moments, a move that reminded me of the early works of Zao.  But there are some brief respite opportunities.  Khmer is capable of offering a few moody interludes throughout this release in the form of grumbing basslines and freeform drumming.

Critiques: This is one of those albums that I personally can only handle every now and then.  Like I said, it's berating; so much so that it wears me down.  I'm also not particularly blown away by any one song even if I do enjoy the album as a whole.

The Verdict: A vile and aggressive fusion of punk and black metal that results in a listen that packs plenty of punch, but may be too much for certain fans.  Definitely material that would be best experienced live from a sweaty pit.  Get it tomorrow.

Flight's Fav's: Perdiste El Filmo, El Ardor De La Crueldad, Lo Que Deja Cicatriz

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