From One Form

May 16, 2017


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The Pitch: The debut album from Irish progressive death metal act Mirrors of Obsidian; produced by the band's own label, Neohuman Records, and mastered by Mick Kenney of Anaal Nathrakh.  FFO Aspherium, Gojira, Allegaeon

What I Like: There's plenty to like here, and I am impressed with how much work these guys have put into the album between writing, putting together a music video, and even developing their own label.  The guitarwork is pretty solid with a number of thrashy hooks, but also some very Gojira-ish transitions; most notably the second half of "Close to Interception."  The vocals similarly develop a certain Duplantieresque delivery, wavering between death growls and more of a half-scream.  There are even a few isolated moments where the music takes a turn into Fear Factory-sounding territory ("Blood and Chrome").

What I Don't Like: Compositions can feel a bit messy at times.  There are a number of abrupt leaps between pace changes and riffs that could be a lot smoother.  I also think that the vocals could use a little more polish.  The sustained screams are overused and even get a little "yawl"-y.

The Verdict: As far as debuts go, this is an album with plenty of promise.  Mirrors of Obsidian show strengths both in terms of performance and selling themselves, and with a little more maturation in the songwriting and composing department I see nothing but good things in the future.

Flight's Fav's: Close to Interception, Blood and Chrome, Lightwaves