For These Sins Who Must Die

Jan. 1, 2018


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The Pitch: The latest album from Indian death metal/deathcore band, Chronic Xorn"History reveals that in every religion, community and caste, there has always been a major race of common people, those who suffer and rot under the reign of a corrupted helm. Unwillingly their blood spills as the ever deceitful leader smiles away to glory. This album speaks about all those commoners, who are helplessly handcuffed by societal pressure. Their voices choke under the smoke of fraudulence."

What I Like: There are plenty of metalcore-sounding riffs throughout this album that I totally dig. It's like listening to early As I Lay Dying or August Burns Red with a more raw, death metal vocalist. Expect plenty of those 00's-style breakdowns, chunky palm mutes, and racing hooks.  The strings on the title track are a nice added touch, and the drumming is also pretty stellar throughout with plenty of variation in strike patterns and pacing. They're also just super fast and recorded in such a way as to avoid that over-produced feeling. 

Critiques: On the whole, the songwrtiting feels a bit on the generic side, and I'm not impressed with the vocals. Both their delivery and how they were recorded leaves me feeling underwhelmed. Definitely room for improvement.

The Verdict: For These Sins Who Must Die is an energetic albeit somewhat forgettable release from a band worth checking out. I dig the performances, and with a little more owrk on songwriting and production I could see them doing quite well for themselves.

Flight's Fav's: For These Sins Who Must Die, Vox Populi, Necropolis III

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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