Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt

Aug. 8, 2017


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The Pitch: Virginia-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Noyan Tokgozoglu unleashes his latest technical, progressive death metal opus from NYN with the help of guitarist Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschläger (ex-Obscura) and keyboard/synth player Jimmy Pitts (Virulent Depravity, etc.).  Coming via Vmbrella.  FFO: Obscura, Alkaloid, Replacire

What I Like: The guitarwork on this album is stunning.  Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is a total shredfest from start to finish.  Quite often it seems like one long solo akin to Alkaloid's "C-Value Enigma."  You'll wonder how they mashed so many notes into such tight spaces, and start clocking them per second.  And since no amazing performance skills get far without good songwriting skills, NYN take care to make sure all of these riffs fit into a strong compositional framework.  I am particularly impressed with the nearly 15 minute "Maelstrom;" a track that manages make every second count in all departments and would serve just as well as a standalone EP. 

I have given most of the credit to the axe work, but that's not to say that the synths, drums, and vocals don't have their shining moments as well.  I have some qualms with the latter, as detailed below, but the strength of the harsh growls and focus on variation still add plenty to the overall product.  There are even some Judas Priesty-sounding moments as on "Omnipotence Paradox" that, while hit and miss, certainly caught my attention.  As for the rhythm section, this is some brain-breaking kit work.  The sheer speed and shifting signatures will get your heart racing at dangerous levels while the additional piano and synth effects broadenthe sonic spectrum.

Critiques: I docked a few points on Enjoyability because, frankly, the the vocals can get annoying.  Sometimes distractingly so. The cadences, tone, and overall delivery during certain moments (e.g. "Embrace Entropy") are downright sloppy and take away from otherwise incredible songwriting and performance.  Some of the high notes are like nails on a chalkboard.

The Verdict: A highly entertaining album filled with incredible musicianship, even if the vocals can get a bit clumsy.  I see this one ending up on one of my 2nd half of 2017 lists for sure.

Flight's Fav's: The Apory Of Existence, Maelstrom, Dissimulating Apologia

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