Anguish Neverending

May 16, 2017


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The Pitch: German black metal legacy Nargaroth is back finally with a new full length album worthy of your attention.  Love Ash or hate him, he and his bandmates have created something special with Era of Threnody.  FFO Gorgoroth, Schammasch, Taake

What I Like: The epic opening track is but a taste of things to come.  Across the board, there is so much feeling in the guitars and tasteful choral additions. Experimentation takes a notch up with soundtrack-worthy Spanish guitar and overall varied songwriting.  "...As Orphans Drifting In A Desert" actually has a strong "As My Guitar Gently Weeps" vibe along with a very Opethian guitar outro, but there are plenty of other influences on display. Ash isn't afraid to let the black metal take a back seat when it fits the moment. Classical guitar shredding, clean singing, strings and synth additions are all perfection.

Expect lots of lengthy, moody marches through the darkness. I picture soldiers across generations sitting in wet ditches trying to keep warm in a nighttime downpour. Era of Threnody very much carries on the sound and emotions of the divisive Jahreszeiten (which I personally thought was his greatest work to date), but takes things to an even higher conceptual level. Grief, misery, and the last grippings of hope all laid bare. But those looking for more traditional black metal anthems can find solace in "Love is a Dog From Hell" and "TXFO." Plenty of fist-pumping aggression for fans of Gorgoroth.

What I Don't Like: There are some moments here and there that I might trim down, and overall I think this album stretches on a bit longer than it needs to.  Otherwise I am very impressed at how far Nargaroth has come over the years from its humble beginnings and accusations of being nothing more than a passing fad.

The Verdict:  Eternal grief. Anguish neverending.  Indeed.  Well done, gentlemen.  Get it today.

Flight's Fav's: ...As Orphans Drifting In A Desert, Love Is A Dog From Hell, Conjunction Underneath The Alpha