TREPANERINGSRITUALEN Deliver Dark and Disturbing Industrial Metal (Full Stream)

Oct. 9, 2017

"Gothenburg, Sweden-based TREPANERINGSRITUALEN has just unveiled its latest album, Kainskult, a harrowing venture into ritualistic/death industrial madness.TREPANERINGSRITUALEN is the work of one Thomas Martin Ekelund, who has released an impressive arsenal of albums, EPs, singles, splits, collaborations, compilation tracks, and more since its 2008 inception, through labels including Cold Spring, Malignant Records, Tesco Archaic Documents, and many others.

On Kainskult, the follow-up proper to 2014’s praised Perfection & Permanence, we find TREPANERINGSRITUALEN at its most visceral; completely devastating in its feral ferocity, and utterly demented in its elemental ecstasy. Kainskult will undoubtedly stand as a cornerstone album both in the T × R × P canon, and in the industrial scene at large. In their animalistic frenzy and emotional intensity, these nine songs immediately envelop the listener and threaten or promise to drive you to the brink of madness."