Sludgy Death and Doom from WOOD OF SUICIDES (Full Stream)

Oct. 4, 2017

Wood of Suicides was formed in 2006 and is currently the product of A. Mochan on drums (also of Dissymmetry and Fouldearth), J. Cachia (previously of Praetorian) on bass and vocals, and L. Voltz on guitar (also of Trod).  Their drone/black metal sound is sludgy and tinged with death.  

They now follow up their 2009 debut with their latest doom metal offering titled Tree of Woe. The album moves deeper into darkness after a line-up change in 2013. "Tree of Woe delves into dimensions of doom guitar riffs; morphing into spiteful vocals and underpinned by rhythmic drumming for an album that pushes the listener into a crushing wall of drone and raw ambient sound-scapes."