NJ Deathcore from CRANELY GARDENS (Full Album Stream)

Oct. 5, 2017

Cranely Gardens is a deathcore and metlacore band based out of New Jersey.  Just this August, they released their latest EP, House of Decay, which features guest vocals from Will Ramos  (A Wake in Providence), Chad Ruhlig (For The Fallen Dreams/Legend), Dan Watson (Enterprise Earth/Ex-Infant Annihilator), and Josh Frazier (Narrow Vision).  In a nutshell, their sound reminds me of a combination of Parkway Drive's darker moments, Aborted, and Whitechapel.  Expect plenty of djenty grooves, echoing drums, and ominous leads.  Compositions are often fairly stripped back, but there are the occasional explosions of more technical fare.  Chaz also has some pretty strong vocals, alternating between beatdown barks, deep growls, and wretched snarls.  Check out the album below and find them on Facebook HERE.