New Track from Upcoming SLUGDGE Album

Jan. 12, 2018

I am so stoked to announce that we will be getting a new Slugdge album this year...and not far off with a release date of March 2nd. Their previous album was an absolute joy; fusing tongue-in-cheek humor and imagery with some seriously righteous riffing.  Listen to "Putrid Fairytale" below and add Esoteric Malacology to your wishlist right now.

"Delve into the the mephitic melodies of Molluscas malodorous minions once more with Esoteric Malacology, the latest gastropodean gospel from Slugdge. Journey through the annuls of Slishic history; through the death and rebirth of the supreme cosmic overlord, and unlock mental gateways to even more horrendous and nonsensical realities than ever before"