Name Your Price Singles from Upcoming XAEL Album

Jan. 2, 2018

Sci-fi metallers XAEL, blending death, symphonic and some folk metal influences, have unleashed three new singles from their upcoming debut album The Last Arbiter. Founded by Nassaru of Rapheumets Well/Enthean as well as Sorgiem “Daniel Presnell,” Tuurm “Alex Rush” from Enthean, and Xolotl “Fernando Ortega” and featuring various guest artists, XAEL is influenced by SepticFlesh, Iron Maiden, Augury, Wardruna and Fleshgod Apocalypse. XAEL and Test Your Metal Records are offering these first tracks as pay what you want leading to the album's official release later this year. The band comments:

“We will have eight songs standard and two instrumental tracks. Instead of releasing an album upfront, we want fans to share in our progress in a musical series, releasing two songs a month to allow more time for fans to appreciate the work and for us to best represent the songs in some form of art to convey the entirety of our vision….The album series is called ‘The Last Arbiter’, referring to the protagonist’s mission in the story and his pursuit of an unattainable purpose in pacifying the destructive nature of the sentient world.” Nassaru adds. “It will be different and very diverse, but at its core it is extreme metal, melodies in abundance, and storytelling bard style! So I believe it will be refreshing…something different combining symphonic and folk elements with brutal metal…We want to paint a soundscape, a myriad of imaginative and diverse environments while exploring the complications of being sentient and self-aware.”