Filthy Old School Death Metal from NEKROHOWL (Full Stream)

Oct. 2, 2017

 Bangladeshi death metal power trio NEKROHOW have unleashed their debut EP Epitome of Morbid. The Band Comments: "The whole EP is written based on the concept of personifying 'death' as a supreme entity with sheer omnipotence and ominous rage against all mortals. It is believed that death is inevitable, divine and the only truth to be embraced."  Stream and purchase below.

"Originally started as a death metal quartet in the crypt of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nekrohowl was formed a year ago by the members of acclaimed local acts like Abominable Carnivore, Dissector, Enmachined and Homicide. A death evoking, rotten sounding rehearsal demo was soon manifested, which was followed by an oversea live annihilation on the other side of the Bengal — Kolkata, India. With the vilest form of sound and high-powered live performances, they have marked their place as a formidable force in the realm of South Asian extreme metal music."