Destructive New Single from Technical Death Metal project COGNIZANCE

Aug. 4, 2017

"Summer 2017 COGNIZANCE now return with the groove-orientated THE FOREBODING IMPASSE. Recorded and produced by the band, this single is a testament to the trio constantly exploring new sounds within the Death Metal subgenre. Taking influence from the groove of bands like DECAPITATED and CANNIBAL CORPSE, the band needed a heavy mix to reinforce the aural assault they had chosen for this single. Legendary Swedish producer Fredrik Nordstrom (AT THE GATES, DIMMU BORGIR, BRING ME THE HORIZON) was enlisted to deliver the sound the band envisaged. The single is another self-release from COGNIZANCE, premiered on Metal Injection August 1st and available on Spotify, iTunes, Google play etc from August 4th. COGNIZANCE are currently working on material for a full EP, which will be recorded early 2018."