Crossover Thrash from BLOOD OF THE LANNISTERS (Full Stream)

Oct. 5, 2017

Wow, more metal from Australia today.  Just a coincidence, I assure you, but there has been more and more stuff coming out of the region of late.  Most recently I recieved this gritty, unpolished crossover thrash album from Blood of the Lannisters.  If you like shiny, modernized metal, you best turn back now.  These guys are all about being as raw and unfettered as possible.  As they put it on their bandcamp page: "Blood of the Lannisters was formed by three mates from Brisbane/Gold Coast  Australia who love action movies, having a laugh, and playing metal at ear bleeding volume. BotLa's sound combines styles such as thrash, death metal, power groove, hardcore, a pinch of jazz and even a little humour. BANG YA CRETINOUS SKULLS TO BLOOD OF THE LANNISTERS!!"